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An industry changing SAAS.
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Alert System

Send information rich alerts to receiving facilities care teams that include images such as EKG. Avoid expensive proprietary hardware. Include accreditation data for receiving facility to spur information sharing for research and QA – QI.

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Easy data capture, analysis and sharing. Export to CSV, Excel, Word, and PDF. Engage out of hospital providers in metric sharing and system improvements.

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EMR Built-IN

Expanded features include a built in EMR designed with ease of use, ease-of-learning in mind. Leveraging a mobile-first GUI and Google-Chrome technology allows for advantages to be included like speech-to-text, geo-location, and auto-fill.

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Built in Telehealth features including SMS, push-to-call and WebRTC based SSL encrypted point-to-point real-time video.

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About Virtual ER Network

A subsidiary of International Medical Direction
The IMD 'glue' that binds all services together.

The Virtual ER Network is an all encompassing data-aggregation and sharing system that allows for the trifecta of 'facility/medical director/remote medical team' communication and information sharing. The system was the dream of it's company clinically experienced founders to be able to facilitate the 'centrifuging' of a suite of 'best-practice' services that allow for availability of a medical framework to fully implement Mobile Integrated Health (MIH). Unlike other software-vendors or service providers, the system with the associated services provides a near turn-key framework for MIH implementation as other systems are disparate and 'silo-separated' and hence do not integrate without significant custom enhancements.

Virtual ER Technical Team

Life Safety Technical Group - aka 'Skunk Worx'

Dr Aaron Mckinney

CEO / Data Aggregation
Dr Aaron McKinney, A practicing ER physician and an IMD company founder. The key team member that focuses on application development in health analytics and research for improvement of health.

Nathan A Lewis RN

CNO / Product Design
Nathan Lewis RN, was the original concept software developer and a founder of IMD. Nathan brings 29 years of EMS and clinical experience as well as a lifelong experience in computer programming.

Robert Schoenbeck BS

CIO / Lead Developer
Robert brings to the table years of professional programming experience. A master at OOP and skilled mentor, Robert lead facilitates product road-mapping and product enhancements. Most importantly he lead the team to take Virtual ER from a working prototype to a world-class SAAS!

John Brumbaugh BS

Art Director / Developer
John, the artist of the group, is key in design, branding and user experience. A skilled programmer, He rounds out the team bringing balance by taking function and marrying it design and art.

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