New Data-Center

We have moved our data-center from In-motion hosting in California to LiquidWeb based in Phoenix, Arizona and Wisconsin. This effort was accomplished for our ‘Skunk Worx’ team to be able to spec out custom built dedicated servers on a Tier 2 connection to the WWW. As well, we wanted to include efforts of ‘future proofing’ our technology by being able to add technology not available with our previous data-center provider. Tantamount to this is the growth we are seeing in a product, hence we moved our software front-end to its own Raid redundant, Zenon multi-core processor based sever. Now we are able to rack additional servers nearly instantaneously and customize them with our custom-spec Linux Distro. In addition we are now running our own servers and including PHP 7 into the back end of our SAAS (Software as a service). This has greatly improved our system up-time and allowed for us to install 24-7 system monitoring and off-site disaster back-ups. Most importantly, in our long term planning, we will be running all our front end GUI technology into docker containers to be able to allow immediate demand auto-scaling and instant provisioning for our regional customers. Unlike other ‘software’ providers, no in-device installation or expensive hardware is needed with the Virtual ER Network saving EMS providers and facilities millions of dollars of hardware costs. let us know if you would like a system ‘Test-Drive’.

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